Cliff & Denny

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Starring Denny, Cliff
Video Description: Denny has now been doing 'gay' work for a few months now with us.

He shares a commonality with TommyD; they both like to be the first to 'devirginize' straight guys. Not necessarily anal, but anything, as long as they're the first male experience for that particular guy.

This week, Denny is corrupting Cliff, a well built stud that's been on Next Door Male and Next Door Hookups. He says he's straight, but doesn't have anything against touching another guy. That's good; because Denny doesn't have a problem with shoving his cock into a straight guys mouth either.

Cliff starts off by flipping through a nudey -mag, when Denny throws out the idea that they should watch some porn. Cliff is down, so the duo peel off their clothes and start stroking their hardening cocks for us. Denny asks Cliff if he'd like to suck his cock. Cliff is a team player, so he leans over and takes his friends member into his mouth, carefully sucking it

.The two trade BJs and get into the 69.

When Denny shoots his load, it literally SHOOTS; at least 2 ˝ feet into the air, and Cliff's load launches onto Denny's arm. Both of these studs left us a bit of clean up...Just the way we like it.


Next Door Buddies

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